SDARC Wellness Center   9040 Friars Rd 401 San Diego,CA92108   (619) 280-0201
SDARC Wellness Center
9040 Friars Rd 401
San DiegoCA 92108
 (619) 280-0201

Reviews Of SDARC Wellness Center

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Shelley Merriman
Aug 08, 2018

I can't say enough about Dr. Jepsen and the active release technique he uses. I was in SD for a short time when I messed up my knee. I was referred to Dr. Jepsen by a trainer at 24 Hour Fitness. In the meantime, I saw a doctor at Kaiser. After seeing Dr. Jepsen twice I had a follow up at Kaiser. The doctor was quite impressed with the rapid improvement and asked me for Dr. Jepsen's contact information. That says a lot for his skill. Dr. Jepsen doesn't hurry through a visit. He will take as much as necessary. He will listen to you and work with you. He gets things loosened up and moving before he does any manipulation. Unfortunately, I will be returning to Colorado soon. I am really bummed but, Dr. Jepsen has offered to help me find someone there who will continue the work he has started.

Barbara Hager
Aug 05, 2018

I have been treating with Dr. Jepsen for several months now. He makes me feel very comfortable while helping to alleviate my pain I highly recommend Dr. Jepsen and his amazing staff.

Danny Fakhoury
Aug 02, 2018

I had tremendous back pain, working in an office all day in not so ergonomic positions. I visited this clinic on the recommendation of seeing Dr. Al-Ashi. Dr. Al-Ashi was kind enough to accommodate my schedule of weekend visits, which was a plus. He has a very honest, direct and professional manner in which he conducts with his patients. Not only did Dr. Al-Ashi help with some of the pain in my back, he also gave me suggestions and exercises on how to improve my structure and overall health for the long-run. I, and my girlfriend would personally recommend Dr. Al-Ashi to any of my family and friends.

Osman Jalili
Aug 02, 2018

I have been dealing with shoulder pain and problems for the last several years from sports and the pain never went away. I got recommended to see Dr. Al-Ashi and I could not have been more satisfied with the treatment I received. Dr. Al-Ashi is very knowledgeable on the reasons I was experiencing the pain I was and knew immediately how to treat it. After our first session my shoulder felt much better and after a month it felt stronger and no aches or pains. I will continue to receive routine sessions to make sure everything is in order as they should and I would recommend Dr. Al-Ashi to anyone who is experiencing some type of pain or discomfort

James P
Aug 01, 2018

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